Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Honorable MENCHAN Media

Honorable MENCHAN Media is an umbrella company offering:

BOOK PUBLISHING - Angelia Vernon Menchan 904 303 2679 acvermen@yahoo.com

BOOK COVER DESIGN - Maurice K. Menchan Sr. 904 705 2314 Maurice.menchan@gmail.com

Proofreading and Editing Services - Angelia Vernon Menchan

Music related interests - Malik Vernon Menchan 904 318 5970 Malik.vmenchan@gmail.com

T-shirt and other designs - Maurice K. Menchan II mk.menchan.ii@gmail.com

Jewelry design - Maurice Menchan and Malik Menchan

Angelia Vernon Menchan offers mentoring conversations with young women about self-esteem, journaling as therapy and other issues that plague our girls. She has several books geared to mentoring young women.