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Just LOVE Kids Journal

Get a journal for your kids. Allow them to communicate through writing. They will also receive color pencils with their 50 page journal. Proceeds purchase journals for others. #JustLOVE

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Praying. Believing and Receiving Tshirts

Praying. Believing and Receiving

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Just Love Tshirt for Kids

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Overcoming Toxic Relationships

Three women, Angelia Vernon Menchan, LaTisha Kates and Mechelle Canady share stories of overcoming toxic relationships and being toxic. There are also pages for journaling. #revealingtoHEAL

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FAITH over Fear T-shirt

Faith over Fear T-shirt

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Black or White Tees
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New Release!

Damn... there she is after fifteen years, still, even button-upped, a living breathing wet dream in the flesh. 

Feeling breath on her neck, Crea Flournoy turned to find James inching behind her. It had been years since she saw him but it was definitely James Broadnax, her first lover and love. Backing up, she nearly stumbled but he caught her, pulling her up the step. Lightheaded, she balanced herself, snatching away. 

“You’re on steps, and that concrete has no give.” He said in that lazy voice she once lived to hear. Unable to say anything, she felt as if caught in a time warp. Her belly churned with the anxiety of seeing him, the taste of bile on her tongue. Crea stared, more than fifteen years had passed but he looked mostly the same: tall, broad, with massive shoulders, slightly bowed legs causing him to stand almost awkwardly. But, those same legs had not hindered him from being a basketball phenom in high school and the one year he tried college but college wasn't his thing. He was dressed in baggy sweats, a t-shirt and denim jacket, gazing at her with fierce intensity. Jet black eyes beneath his heavy but perfect brows had always been startling. 

Watching her pull her sweater closer, he sensed Crea wanted to flee. Crea moved slightly, arranging her features. Her face was calm but her eyes weren’t. 

“You look good, real good.” James said. “Like you saw a ghost but I’m real.” Moving a step down, James was closer to Crea, so close, the scent of coconut oil wafted from her hair. 

“I been here about six months. I hear you’re doing great things. I thought about you often. You’re thirty-two and already a principal, that’s what’s up. I’m actually doing legitimate work. My sister opened a fresh food place and I’m running it.” 

James continued, his eyes never wavering from her, drinking her in, trying to feel her energy. The energy that fed him from afar for years. Watching her pull the sweater even closer, he bounced a bit on his toes, releasing energy. 

“That’s nice. That store changed the neighborhood. I hear it’s doing extremely well.” Crea said, her voice sounding strange to her own ears. 

Backing up a bit, she clenched and unclenched her fingers, fighting the craving to touch him. 

She knew what Janice Broadnax was doing and applauded it but she and his sister lived in different worlds. She had no idea James was back, however. The last time she saw him was on the news wearing an orange jumpsuit. He had been found guilty of fraud and money laundering and received a twenty-five-year sentence as the mastermind. Mastermind was true, James had one of the finest minds she knew. He used his mind for things outside the law. She never thought of him as a criminal, just the man who filled her soul before being snatched away. She also knew it was mostly his uncle’s business. The uncle James felt saved him. 

“You should roll through. You’re clearly on your fitness. You’re not as thick as you once were but everything is right.” 

His eyes lazily roved over her from head to toe. Crea was wearing a knee-length mocha colored dress with a sweater and her legs were bare. A tall woman she was heavier and curvier years ago. She was leaner and firmer with more defined curves. She also no longer had a yard of hair resting on her backside. 

To those she came in contact with, she was reserved. But James knew of the rebel and passionate girl-woman she had been when they were lovers and racing through the countryside on his motorcycle. The same girl who read the classics and whose brain was like a computer but crawled over him like a tigress with passion, clawing up his skin. Blinking, he tried forcing away the visuals. 

“What are you doing here at the recreation center anyway. This ain’t you...”

“You don’t know who or what I am.” Crea snapped. “I’m a principal and wherever my kids are, I’m there. Excuse me.” Turning, she walked down the steps, making her way across the street. 

James watched her, a smile on his face. 

That ass ain’t lost nothing. 

Grinning, he walked inside the recreation center to work with the kids he was coaching. Crea had been on his mind since he walked out the doors of the prison, leaving that life behind him.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Deneisha: No More Soul Ties


Pulling up to Deniesha’s home, Fletcher was stunned by the yard filled with lush greenery and plants of different types. The last time he saw the yard it was just grass. It went with her more Zen persona.
Reaching out to knock on the door, Fletcher stepped back when the door opened and Deniesha stood in the doorway in all her glory. Her feet were bare and, for lack of a better word, she was draped in a burnt umber dress that enhanced her skin. And that skin literally glowed... her face was makeup free with the exception of brown gloss on her lips. Feeling his loins surge, Fletcher placed his hands in his pockets.
“Fletch, I’m sorry but the boys are with grandma. They went fishing early this morning and then the Civil Rights Museum and shopping and they weren’t ready to come home. We can reschedule for tomorrow.” She said, coolly. Fletcher’s eyes widened at her tone.
“I can’t come in?”
“Sure, but you said you were coming to see the boys. By the way they’re staying here at least two months. We share custody now and I’ve been remiss in my parenting duties.”
“Can I come in Niesha?” Moving aside, she let him in, hearing a small moan as he passed her. She had showered minutes ago and smelled of the perfumed oils made specifically for her. Closing the door, she followed him in to the living room that could only be called a sanctuary. There were two light brown sofas in soft leather, three chairs in a slightly darker color with a huge television, bookshelves and a profusion of fresh flowers. On the walls were framed photos of the boys and Minnie and Nelson. Dropping down on one of the sofas, Fletcher looked up at Deniesha.
“I feel there’s something on your mind.” He said.
“There are many things on my mind, starting with how cool you were when you got here, other than the kiss... especially after how we were eighteen months ago and then eight months ago...”
“Eighteen and eight months Deniesha. Do you even hear yourself? I was working my ass off to build us a home and you showed up once for a damn week. One got damn time. And now you’re, ‘I’m keeping my boys for two months and I’ve been remiss.’ Remiss my ass, you’ve been missing!”
Deniesha’s head rocked at his words and heat filled her belly. Fletcher angry always turned her on.
“You never asked...” she said weakly.
“Asked? I needed to ask my woman, the mother of my sons to visit more than once in more than a year. Ask! You saw how I was working, I had to hire someone to take the boys to school and some days pick them up. One weekend a month would have given me some relief with the boys and sexually. I needed you. Deniesha, we needed you.”
Hearing his words drained Deniesha and tears flew from her eyes. For several minutes Fletcher let her cry. He wanted to go to her but she needed to come to him for once. With tears still flowing she made her way to the couch and sat next to him.
“Fletch I didn’t know how to ask. I haven’t felt like your woman in a long time. When you came to Montgomery a year and a half ago things were so good and you were moving here in three months. Two months later you told me you and the boys were moving to Miami. If I were your woman like when I was your wife we would have discussed it. Fletch I know your ass and I know you always have money stashed. I felt it wasn’t about money but about cold ass feet. I was the wife from hell and you didn’t trust me. When you sent for me, I felt hopeful but then nothing.”
“Fuck...” Fletcher said. “So much miscommunication. I didn’t get cold anything. I just wanted something big for us. I also needed to stop working so damn hard. Right now, I can start my own business and be more than solvent for five years or more...”
“Fletch, this isn’t just you. My granddad pays me high five figures, I have no mortgage on this house thanks to him also. I’m able to finally be a whole woman to you. I’m a whole woman to me


Monday, February 12, 2018

How Being Broken Saved Me 

Excerpt from How Being Broken Saved Me 

My godfather was a MOLESTER!

 That’s exactly what Blue was and what he did. He seduced us, all of us including our mothers who didn’t have permanent men in their lives. He seduced them by allowing us in his home and doing kind things like lighting fireplaces, cooking food and handing out money generously. He was a fat, laughing, generous, seducing child molester.
I recall an incident that is painted in my mind vividly in bright red colors. I must have been seven. It was the last year of his life and he was pretty much confined to the bed. He had diabetes, high blood pressure and a passel of other maladies, including a love of alcohol, and was pretty much bedridden. Ms. Eva, my godmother was working and I was outside in the backyard feeding the rabbits and the chickens. I know it was a weekday but not sure what day. Anyway, after I was done, I walked inside through the back door and then through the kitchen which led into his room. He and Ms. Eva slept in different rooms, go figure.
Anyway, I stopped dead in my tracks, a girl from the neighborhood who was probably ten to my seven was on the bed with him and naked. She was literally sitting on him with his private part inserted inside her and she was bouncing up and down, having actual sex. I had never seen the sex act so I stood in the door, mesmerized and transfixed, unable to move, watching with bitter bile gathering in my mouth. He tried to shoo me away but I couldn’t  move. He had never gone beyond bouncing me on his clothed lap and placing his nasty tongue in my mouth but this was too much. After it was done, she climbed off the bed and grabbed her clothes and he handed her a ten-dollar bill and gave me two dollars. I know what her ten was for, mine was hush money, I suppose. She took my hand and led me through the kitchen to the back porch and the bathroom that was there. I watched her wash up and put on her clothes.
“Come on let’s go to Dairy Queen.” She said. 
Dairy Queen was a about a block away and since I had two dollars I was glad to go. I am not sure where my sister was but she wasn’t there.
“Don’t tell anyone what you saw. Okay, nobody.” She said to me.
“Why, was it wrong?” She looked at me and I can still see her old eyes.
“Some people think so but Blue has money and I don’t and I am getting some of it. It ain’t a big deal. My sisters did it with him too. A lot of girls do and he gives us money. His thing isn’t that big, so it don’t even hurt. Besides I do it with boys for free.”
The look on my face must have been one of pure disgust. I was known even then for making faces.
“He’s not doing that to me. He kissed me in my mouth but he ain’t doing that!”
“He won’t do it to you because you are a soft girl. Your mama and them will be mad at him. He don’t think kissing is nothing but sex is and he knows who to fuck.” 
My mouth flew open because she actually used the four-letter word and that was the first time I heard that word. I had heard my share of damns and hells but she went all the way. We got our ice cream, she went home, and I went back to Ms. Eva’s house. I was sipping on my pineapple milkshake and thinking of what my friend said. Ms. Eva was sitting on the porch with some of her friends.
“Girl where you get that milkshake from?”
“Blue bought it.” A funny look came over her face. “He gave me and XYZ money.” Oops.
“Go put it in the freezer. That is going to ruin your dinner.” 
I took a few more huge sips as I walked slowly to the kitchen to do as I was told. I never saw that milkshake again though I looked. 

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